Mr. Surajit Nandy

At Bidhan Gems, we emphasise the power and beauty of a gemstone. Our inventory includes a variety of natural stones from around the world that have been gathered together under one roof, created by Mother Nature and given to life by our in-house artists who are aware of the benefits each gemstone has to offer.

The History of Bidhan Gems

The rich cultural history of India has always included the magnetic force of the nine planets (grahas), which were made popular in the courts of Akbar the Great. With the help of potent gemstones that are each associated with a different planet as well as other items, the company Bidhan Gems hopes to preserve the enchantment of these nine planets.

Bidhan Gems is a store that was imagined in Siliguri, West Bengal. With more than 18 Years of trust-building experience in the fields of gemstones, jewellery, and manufacturing, we intend to grow our company in this field. We work hard to make sure that every one of our customers has a simple, quick, secure, and safe shopping experience & best gemstone shop in siliguri and also in top gemstone shop in siliguri